Dr. Anne Kempel


Office Nr. 71d, main building, 1st floor
Phone +41 31 631 49 24
Email anne.kempel[at]ips.unibe.ch

Anne Kempel
I am a plant ecologist interested in the processes governing the assembly of plant communities and species coexistence. I am particularly interested in the determinants of plant rarity and commonness, as well as invasion success or failure. I love multitrophic interactions and I am excited about the role of natural enemies and mutualists in structuring plant strategies and communities.
After doing a lot of research in Bern, I spend some time as a postdoc in David Wardle´s lab in northern Sweden, where I studied patterns in plant-herbivore interactions along a strong environmental gradient. Specifically, I am interested in whether changes in soil fertility also translate into changes in herbivore abundance, diversity and impact, and whether plants are locally adapted to differences in soil fertility and herbivory.
Currently, I am back to Bern, and will start to work on the question how different kinds of herbivores affect plant communities, their functioning or their biodiversity.

Chronosequence island system in northern Sweden: Islands differ in fire history due to lighting strike – some islands are therefore more nutrient rich than others (as fire releases nutrients). A cool study system to investigate ecological theories along a soil fertility gradient!

Collecting insects on an island in northern Sweden. Are there more or less herbivores with increasing nutrient concentration in the soil?

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