Dr. Nadia Maaroufi


Office Nr. 71c, main building, 1st floor
Phone +41 31 631 49 34
Email nadia.maaroufi[at]ips.unibe.ch

I am a soil ecologist and my research is focused on understanding how global change drivers impact ecosystem functioning. I am particularly interested in the interactions between above- and below-ground organisms and the ecosystem processes they drive.
I have been doing most of my research in Sweden where I studied the effects of anthropogenic nitrogen deposition and biological invasion on boreal forests. I studied the impact of long-term nitrogen deposition on soil carbon sequestration in boreal forests. I further explored the impact of nitrogen enrichment on microbial structure and different processes driven by microbes such as organic matter decomposition and soil respiration. I have been also interested in using nematode and mite functional groups as indicators of soil functioning.

Setting up root trenching plots and litter bags to estimate the contribution of different fungal guilds to organic matter decomposition in response to anthropogenic nitrogen deposition.

More recently, I have had a biological invasion project on soil functioning and soil biota. In Europe and particularly in Sweden, the wild boar population have increased and its Scandinavian population is currently expanding northwards outside its preferred forest habitats. I have been using two approaches, one experimental simulating rooting at different intensities and another by sampling natural rooted areas and adjacent intact soil and vegetation.
Nadia3Artificial rooting plots simulating wild boar rooting at different intensities in a Norway spruce forest.

In Bern, I explore the effects of global change drivers on ecosystem functions and fungal communities in temperate grasslands. To do so, I utilize the PaNDiv experiment to determine how different global change mechanisms alone and interactively affect soil fungal communities (mycorrhizal, pathogen and saprotrophic fungi) and their associated ecosystem functions in managed grasslands. My project is funded by the Swedish Research Council FORMAS.

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Projects: PaNDiv Experiment

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