Géraldine Chavey

MSc student

Office Nr. 71, main building, 1st floor
Phone +41 31 631 88 15
E-Mail geraldine.chavey[at]students.unibe.ch

Géraldine Chavey

My master thesis project is part of a the PaNDiv field experiment, which investigate the impact of nitrogen enrichment, fungal pathogens and biodiversity on ecosystem functioning.

The idea of my master project is to investigate how nitrogen input (0, 100 kg ha-1 y-1), and biodiversity (1, 4, 8, or 20 species) affect the diversity and abundance of wild and domesticated pollinators. I will also analyse the effect of nitrogen on floral traits like colour, floral display, and nectar, which are important drivers for pollinators visitations (Gardener & Gillman 2002, Grindeland et al. 2005).

I will focus on three plant species to sample the pollinators : Salvia pratensis, Centaurea jacea and Crepis biennis and I will identify the caught pollinators into morphospecies (i.e. individuals looking morphologically identical are considered to be the same species).

Project: PaNDiv Experiment