Lara Albrecht

Msc Student

E-Mail lara.albrecht[at]

I am widely interested in biodiversity and the consequences global change has on biodiversity and hence on ecosystem functioning and services. I am fascinated by all kinds of biotic interactions, especially by plant herbivore-interactions.
I am currently conducting my master project within the PaNDiv experiment, which is a large field experiment investigating direct and indirect effects of nitrogen enrichment on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. The aim of my project is to investigate the effects of fungicide and insecticide application on the evolution of natural plant defenses. I want to learn more about whether there are cost related trade-offs and if thus enemy release leads to changes in defense allocations. To approach these questions, I am performing green-house experiments on aphids, fungal pathogens and a selection of PaNDiv plant species as well as examining plant chemical defenses using metabolomics.

Project: PaNDiv Experiment