Noëlle Schenk


Office Nr. 65, main building, 1st floor
Phone +41 31 684 49 23
E-Mail noelle.schenk[at]>

I am a Computational Biologist and fascinated by plant biology, especially by the complexity of interactions at several levels.
I am studying how the different biotic communities of an agricultural grassland landscape provide us humans with essential goods, and how our action in terms of land-use intensity affects their provision. To address this question, I have the possibility to work with a large dataset which was (and still is) collected in germany, the biodiversity exploratories. I am fascinated by this huge amount of data, the many work which has been invested to it and the many possibilities it opens for science to address important questions with a unique amount of data power.
Our first results indicate that a change of community composition and land-use intensity comes along with a change in the set of functions provided by a landscape.

Projects: Biodiversity Exploratories