Dr. Noémie Pichon


Office Nr. 71, main building, 1st floor
Phone +41 31 631 88 15
E-Mail noemie.pichon[at]ips.unibe.ch

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I have a background in community and ecosystem ecology, and I worked on population dynamics and agroecology. My PhD project is part of the PaNDiv Experiment. I explore the direct and indirect effects of nitrogen addition on ecosystem functioning in grassland. I’m looking in particular at effects on nutrient stocks in the soil and plants, at changes in litter decomposability and at the potential for intraspecific shifts in plant traits to affect functioning. Our first results indicate a large influence of plant species richness on functions like biomass output or soil respiration.
I am interested in theoretical ecology. On previous projects, I worked with models based on the Metabolic Theory of Ecology, which still have a strong influence on my personal research choices.

Project: PaNDiv Experiment