Lab Quiz

At the Allan Lab we have regular social events, for example we have dinner together or go to collect mushrooms. However, due to Covid-19 restrictions we could not meet in person anymore – but we did not let this stop us! Virtual meetings can be great fun if combined with trivia quiz (kahoot!) or drawing and guessing ( We even have a (non-virtual) trophy 🙂

The Allan Lab quizzing away… (can you find how many have the “thinker pose” 😉 )
Its “root exudate” – obviously 😀

Mushroom picking

Autumn time is mushroom time so on 18th of October 2019 the Allan Lab went on a mushroom-picking adventure in the Bremgartenwald near Bern. We were amazed by how many different species we saw and we even found a huge amount of edible ones – many Xerocomellus (Rotfussröhrlinge), some Boletus badius (Maronen-Röhrlinge), some Cantharellus (EierschwĂ€mme), various puffball species and a few Suillus grevillei (Goldröhrling)!

We also visited the famous “Glasbrunnen” and in the evening we enjoyed a delicious meal and wine together at Provisorium 46.

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Group hike

On the 24th of June 2019 the Allan Lab made an excursion to the mountains in the Kandertal region.
We started in the morning from Bern by train and after changing to the “postbus” in Reichenbach we took the “chairlift” up to Ramslauenen. We hiked around the top and after a picnic followed a path back to Kiental. Despite the heat and the steep slopes, we enjoyed the blue sky, the fantastic panorama, the alpine flora and each other’s company.
We also used this opportunity to learn something about the vegetation – Debi showed us many species and explained to us their special characteristics and habitat.

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