Caroline Daniel

PhD Student


Office Nr. 71a, main building, 1st floor
Phone +41 31 684 49 39
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Caroline DanielMy PhD project takes part in the PaNDiv experiment. I am aiming to characterize how resources and enemies affect the mechanisms of plant coexistence, and ultimately, plant communities and ecosystems functioning. Modern coexistence theory relies on two main explanatory processes: stabilizing niche differences and equalizing fitness differences. However, little is known about how environmental factors affect these processes, and this is therefore limiting our ability to understand the impacts of global change on biodiversity. The PanDiv experiment will allow me to measure competition coefficients in order to parametrize coexistence models. Another important aspect of my study is to incorporate indirect and higher order interactions into the models, and to test whether it will improve their predictive ability.

I am a plant ecologist interested in the study of the impacts of global change on plants and terrestrial ecosystems. I have studied plant ecophysiology and functioning processes, with a specific focus on the importance of spatial scale change, from individual to community.

Project: PaNDiv experiment


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